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We cater to an international market, because fujoshi and fudanshi the world over deserve access to the great titles we’ve got stocked here on Otome’s Way! All orders are handled securely through PayPal to help hook you up with your new purchase as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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We want to help as many people enjoy our works as possible, so we try to give users their pick of download formats–and your purchase entitles you to access them all! You may only want the PDF now–but what about when you decide to use a popular app to read on your smartphone? No problem–just log in and you’ll already have access to the CBZ file you’ll need to sync with the app! One purchase, one time, tons of choices!

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Any and all purchases made through Otome’s Way will be available to you, the user, for immediate download in all formats we offer–no DRM and no funky software necessary! Your purchase isn’t tied to our servers or services, so once the transaction is complete, the material is yours to do with as you please. Want to access your purchase, but you’re not at your home PC? Just log into your account and download away–enjoy your purchase on as many of your devices as you please!