A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese, Volume 2 [WORKBOOK]


The long-awaited workbook for the Japanese language textbook 'A Fujoshi's Guide to Japanese 2' is finally available!


The brand new “A Fujoshi’s Guide to Japanese 2” supplementary workbook includes 10 units of additional practice problems to further reinforce your linguistic knowledge. It uses the same chapter sequence as the textbook so that you can follow up your studies with extra grammar, vocabulary, reading, and writing sections. Join Alexis and Shou once again for more Japanese practice!

Medium Educational materials
Release Date August 2014
Length 70 pages
Available Languages English
Available Formats PDF

Character Bio



A capable butler and loyal servant to the Halliwell family, he’s looked after Alexis for years.


16-year-old heir to the Halliwell Hotel empire, he loves his Papa dearly but…what of his feelings for his friend and butler?

Age gap, master-servant Halliwell Mansion Romantic comedy, educational materials All ages


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