Don’t Call Me a Demon (1)


Get ready to take a 'bite' out of crime in this crime drama-slash-romance between a gruff detective and his vampire lover!


Moonstruck detective Kusaka Daisuke meets the impossible youth Luca on the dark streets of Shinjuku. Little does he know how this chance encounter will turn his world upside-down. All he thought he knew about the supernatural, and his own sexuality, gets thrown out the window thanks to this feisty vampire. Includes an extra short story to celebrate this compilation of our first BL novel!

Author Nekomori Mew
Medium Novel
Release Date March 2014
Length 570 pages (iBooks estimate)
Available Languages English
Available Formats PDF, EPUB

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A vampire with a taste for pure-hearted men. The gorgeous blond meets up with Kusaka one night and falls for the gruff, yet just detective instantly.

Kusaka Daisuke

Seasoned detective with a record beyond his mere thirty years. After meeting up with Luca one night, he can’t seem to shake the vampire’s attentions… But does he even want to?

Mystery, vampires Shinjuku, Tokyo (modern era) Romantic drama, detective story R-18


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