Kagerou no Hebi (Hazy Serpent)


Double-release from Amamiya-sensei about a pair of ninja lovers!



The tale of a ninja clan sworn to guard a certain family back in the days of the Shogunate. Aoi and Youjirou are assigned together, never to stray from their combined missions. But with Aoi’s frequent and secretive disappearances, Youjirou can’t help but fear for their current relationship…and what he hopes will become of it. Please note that this double release also includes the WWII short story Kinmokusei no Kaoru Koro (When You Smell the Olive Trees).

Medium Manga
Release Date March 2014
Length 100 pages
Available Languages English, Japanese
Available Formats PDF, CBZ

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Character Bio



The younger of the ninja pair. Youjirou came to work with Aoi three years prior. In those three years he’s learned quite a lot, including how he feels about his partner.


Older and wiser than his partner Youjirou, Aoi knows what it takes to complete his mission, whether it be cross dressing to infiltrate the palace, or sleeping with a man to stave off their mutual loneliness.

Historical drama, ninja Edo Japan (late 1600s to 1800s) Romantic drama R-18


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