Rensou (2)


Our story continues from Volume 1 as Soutarou attempts to determine just why Koinosuke acts so cold to him–but if Koinosuke is distant, then his brother Ainosuke is becoming anything but…



Set in the Edo Period of Japan against the backdrop of the kabuki theatre scene, Rensou is the story of the developing relationship between Soumaru, an orphan in search of his long-lost brother, and Koinosuke, a prominent actor in a traveling kabuki troupe whom Soumaru falls for at first sight. WARNING: this work is a piece of historical fiction and references practices common to the era, such as underage prostitution, as well as death of a relatively major character. Caveat lector.

Medium Manga
Release Date December 2013
Length 70 pages
Available Languages English, Japanese
Available Formats PDF, CBZ

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Orphaned street entertainer who is taken in by a traveling theatre troupe as he searches for his older brother, the only family he may have left–only to realize that his brother is dead…and he’s fallen for the man’s former lover.


Kabuki actor raised as a consummate performer from birth, he shared a short but passionate affair with Soumaru’s older brother and is pained by the resemblance he sees in the younger boy now.

Historical drama, serialized, broken heart, cross-dressing, kabuki Edo Japan (late 1600s to 1800s) Romance, drama R-18


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