Senno Jiu Anthology (1)


First anthology featuring works by Senno Jiu (A Withered Flower, Love & Death, Lover Soul, and 10-Year Story)



Our first anthology featuring one-shot works by Senno Jiu; works are summarized as follows:

A Withered Flower
Unable to connect with students his own age, Mitsuru plays the good boy at school, but secretly allows his teachers to have their way with him. Though attached to his servant, Murata, he only feels alive when the two take their master and servant relationship to the extreme.

Love & Death
The tale of a loser who finds himself the object of the affections of the adorable leader of a group of punks.

Lover Soul
It’s just Yuzuru’s luck that he fell for a guy he knows nothing about. The mysterious Shin and he have been going out off and on for 5 years, but Shin keeps disappearing for months at a time with no contact. Yuzuru’s at his wit’s end…

10-Year Story
Suenaga fell in love at first sight in high school. But his lover, Tomizawa, doesn’t have much time to spend with him as he’s the star of the school basketball team. When Suenaga’s family life takes a bad turn, he accidentally comes out of the closet. But in his time of need, Tomizawa isn’t there for him. They might be separated forever at this rate! [PART 1 of 2] (WARNING: This piece contains scenes of dubious-consensual sex)

Author Senno Jiu
Medium Manga
Release Date October 2013
Length 90 pages
Available Languages English, Japanese
Available Formats PDF, CBZ

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Character Bio

A Withered Flower



Murata works as Mitsuru’s personal caretaker in their manor. He is below the other in social standing, but that doesn’t have any baring over their nighttime activities.


Mitsuru is a rich brat who uses others to get what he pleases. He wishes to be left alone and allows his teachers to use his body in exchange for the power he feels during sex.

Master-servant, dub-con, one-shot High school S&M R-18

Love & Death


Toda Masami

Toda Masami wanted to be a normal high schooler until 3rd year Tsumugi literally dropped into his life. Now he has to dodge death threats and violent rivals for the affection of his new “boyfriend.”

Tsumugi Sou

Tsumugi Sou is as cute as his reputation is violent. After the new freshman Masami saved his life on accident, he practically forced the other boy to go out with him.

Get-together, one-shot High School Romance, comedy PG

Lover Soul


Minagawa Shin

Not much is known about Minagawa Shin. He disappears for months at a time only to reappear suddenly for a few days and disappear again.

Fujita Yuzuru

Fujita Yuzuru fell for Shin at first sight, but now he’s wondering if the heartache is worth it. 5 years and he still doesn’t know a thing about Shin besides his name, age, and the fact that he loves him.

Drama, one-shot College campus Romance R-15

10-Year Story



Tomizawa has been going out in secret with Suenaga for more than a year. He’s the top player on the school basketball team and very popular with the ladies.


Suenaga doesn’t stand out much as he doesn’t want to get in the way of his lover, Tomizawa. However, he’s head over heels for the guy. His family life is crumbling before his very eyes, which doesn’t help him with his confidence issues.

established relationship, serialized High school Romance, drama R-18


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