The Beginning of Our Small Yard


Story of two office workers who find common ground and start a rocky relationship full of ups and downs.



Two co-workers start a relationship–which sounds simple enough, but never is. When his quirky superior threatens to quit on the heels of a bungled project, an office worker confronts the man in an effort to keep him from leaving, admitting he’s earned his grudging respect despite a rather poor first impression. The price to convince the superior not to go, though, is decidedly greater than what was expected…

Notes: Customers should please be aware that only the first ‘chapter’ of the Small Yard portion (approximately 30 pages) is included in color, with the remaining pages in grayscale.

Medium Manga
Release Date June 2013
Length 116 pages
Available Languages English, Japanese
Available Formats PDF, CBZ

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Character Bio



A superior at work, he takes the blame for a mistake on the job and is ready to resign–when his fussy subordinate begs him not to, starting the ball rolling on their relationship.


The epitome of a tsundere, he has difficulty in showing his emotions and being open with his feelings, true as they may be. He isn’t entirely confident in their relationship, but he’s trying his best.

Serialized, get-together, workplace relationship Modern-day office Romance, comedy R-18


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